In Russia, there is an acute shortage of modern, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe thermal insulation materials that have longevity in 100 years or more.

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The main role of the thermal insulation material used in buildings, structures, pipelines and processing equipment - is to ensure low heat losses. One of the recognized experts types of insulation, has a unique set of properties, combining - efficiency, durability, environmental and fire safety - a foamed glass.

At the moment, when the country's top leaders sharply tasked to improve energy and thermal efficiency of the national economy and the economy to a modern European level, in Russia there is no commercial production of this unique material that can effectively save energy without replacements and repairs during long-term operation. Russia, which has created a foam glass, which have a technology of its production today has completely lost this effective tool energy savings.

Modern industrial technology foam glass production in the world today has only the United States. Manufacturer - a transnational corporation «PittsburgCorning», which produces more than 95% of the world production of the product (~ 1.2 - 1.4 million. M3 per year) and has a number of factories in the United States and Europe. Thermal insulation products based on glass foam comes today in Russia exclusively from abroad and used only on the most important industrial and social objects. At the same time, the construction industry, utilities and industry have an urgent need for a durable, safe and effective thermal insulation materials. In practice one has to apply the insulation, which has serious operational deficiencies. It is flammable, environmentally hazardous organic foams and moisture capacity, short-lived fibrous insulation of different brands, using which it is almost impossible to solve the problem of thermal efficiency.

Speaking July 27, 2010 at a meeting of the Commission on the modernization of the national economy of the Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev said:

"... Our country - the outsider of the world rankings for the thermal performance of buildings. .... We need to overcome this handicap and change the thermal efficiency of buildings ...".

In his address to the Federal Assembly President Vladimir Putin December 12, 2012 was made:

"... I am convinced that we have a unique opportunity in the next decade to fundamentally solve the age-old Russian and the other problem - housing. I think this question is the most important for the Government of the Russian Federation, and to the heads of regions of Russia.

... need to go to solve the housing problem for the broader categories of citizens: young families, professionals of the social sphere, doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers, ...

... take measures to increase the input of affordable housing economy class, as well as significantly enhance the ability of rental housing. In some regions are already pilot projects, which are processed on the basis of various forms of support to the rental market. Such housing must be accessible to the working person."

This important economic task of the national economy and its successful solution depends on the presence in the country of modern technological solutions of thermal protection. Thermal energy demand of any building or structure in the period of operation is determined by the level of its heat loss, ie thermal efficiency is determined by the heat loss, which can minimize exclusively through sound insulation material and modern technology of its application.

To solve the problems of the country's leadership to overcome the backwardness of the thermal efficiency of buildings and structures must be on a new level of technology to revive the lost production of a unique insulation material - foamed glass, an important technical and technological challenge, without which it is simply impossible in a country technically solve the problem set by the President of the Russian Federation in this direction.

That is why at the end of the 1990s, and it was decided to establish a first Russian production of foamed glass.

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