In industry and energetics

The NEOPORM® foam glass  can be applied for heat insulation of industrial equipment functioning at temperatures  from  -260ºС up to  +450ºС,  and when constructing industrial buildings.


 The unique combination of absolute fire safety and the capacity not to absorb water and to stop any gases, vapors and liquids makes   the NEOPORM® foam glass an  ideal  heat insulation for storage tanks and pipe lines, transporting crude oil, natural gas and aggressive liquids.   

As opposed to other heat insulating materials the  rigid and uncreasing NEOPORM® foam  glass can be applied during the whole operation period of the heat insulated object without scheduled repairs or necessity of  disposing of destroyed  heat insulation material.  

The NEOPORM® foam glass is resistant to impacts of chemical reagents, solvents and oxidants.

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