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The NEOPORM® foam glass  does not contain any polymers and mineral fibers, does not burn or absorb water, is vapor tight, does not get crashed under pressure, does not get collapsed  with solvents, water or sun shine. It has no application limits.


The NEOPORM® foam glass possesses the combination of all properties, necessary for high efficient heat insulation of buildings and structures: excellent insulation properties, easy mounting possibilities, long lasting operation period and safety for  people and structures.
The façade systems, applying the NEOPORM® foam glass heat insulation have a several times longer operation period compared with those  applying  PVC or mineral wool (according to results of  tests at the research institute (NII) of building physics of RAASN).

Application safety of the NEOPORM® foam glass:

  • It is absolute fire safe. KM class 0. 
  • It does not contain or emit any toxic substances. 
  • It does not contain any toxic binders.
  • It does not absorb or accumulate moisture.   It does not facilitate fungi or microorganisms through moistening.
  • It does not corrode metals.
  • It is rodent safe.


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