Our Mission: Carry warmth and comfort, reliability and safety.


Our goals:

  • development of new heat-insulating materials,

  • improvement of reliability and energy efficiency of processing equipment and pipelines,

  • improvement of convenience in public and residential buildings,   

  • participation in the state-run energy efficiency improvement program,

  • contribution to solution of environmental problems: greenhouse gases emission reduction, glass waste recycling, environmental contamination reduction,

  • development of a complex of enterprises to manufacture NEOPORM® cellular glass throughout Russia,

  • becoming a market-leading company, in the high-quality inorganic heat-insulation market segment.

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Contact Information

Production, headquartered: 600031, Russia, Vladimir, Dobroselskaya st., 216
Phone: +7 (4922) 21-01-42
Fax: +7 (4922) 21-59-09


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