About the Company

From 2000 to 2005, "STES-VLADIMIR" Company developed a one-of-a-kind domestic technology to produce high efficient, NEOPORM®-based insulation items, using which enables to manufacture foam glass products of top quality that are not inferior to the best foreign-made analogs and, in some aspects, superior to them.

About the Company
It’s been a long way for “STES-VLADIMIR” Company, that started once as a small, experimental pilot production at the premises of a cooperative building society and finally turned into a high-capacity, completely automated industrial nation-wide project, in which a scientific constituent prevails.  

We can be rightfully considered to be the FIRST. We are the first because we are a one-of-a-kind enterprise in Russia. We are the first because our product, NEOPORM® cellular glass – is in a number of properties superior its foreign-made analogs. We are the first because we have paved the way.

Over ten years of hard and goal-oriented work a success foundation was laid which is fusion of the scientific and technological constituents to become the integrated whole. Experience and skills of process engineers backed by innovations, knowledge and intelligence of specialists – this is the way a unique technology of NEOPORM® cellular glass has been developed. NEOPORM® cellular glass is our “gold”, our like-no-other know-how.   

We are tempted to say this has been a sure step into the future, where know-hows of that level rule and will keep on ruling. This is the future, where our product, NEOPORM® cellular glass, will “treasure” heat, comfort and convenience of your homes.
There are a lot of challenging tasks and goals we are facing, for it is necessary to constantly consolidate and exploit the success. The tasks and goals are as follows:

  • development of new heat-insulating materials,

  • improvement of reliability and energy efficiency of processing equipment and pipelines,

  • improvement of convenience in public and residential buildings,   

  • participation in the state-run energy efficiency improvement program,

  • contribution to solution of environmental problems: greenhouse gases emission reduction, glass waste recycling, environmental contamination reduction,

  • development of a complex of enterprises to manufacture NEOPORM® cellular glass throughout Russia,

  • becoming a market-leading company, in the high-quality inorganic heat-insulation market segment.

The future success formula is to solve the problems above. The groundwork is being laid right now, every minute and second. And the future is in our hands. NEOPORM® cellular glass.

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Production, headquartered: 600031, Russia, Vladimir, Dobroselskaya st., 216
Phone: +7 (4922) 21-01-42
Fax: +7 (4922) 21-59-09


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