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Cellular glass industrial-scale manufacturing plant opening ceremony in Vladimir

May, 30: a ceremony took place, to open a new plant of the STES-VLADIMIR Company to manufacture NEOPORM-based heat-insulating items. The plant total costs are 5 500 000 000 RUR.

Cellular glass industrial-scale manufacturing plant opening ceremony in Vladimir
At the plant a wide range of innovative heat-insulating, NEOPORM-based materials and products will be manufactured. These will be blocks and forms for thermal insulation of foundations, walls and roofs of buildings, as well as heat-insulating items of irregular geometric shape for pipelines and pipeline elements, as well as processing equipment.
The manufacturing technique is the Companys in-house development, the products were subject to certification and tests at leading national R&D establishments. The product application areas include: capital construction and refurbishment of the housing stock for its future operation in an energy-saving way. The new industrial-scale manufacturing plant will create more than 230 new jobs; an amount of budget revenues from the enterprise (all-level budgets) is expected to come to 2 700 000 000 RUR.
Raw material for cellular glass manufacturing is any kind of glass and glass waste.
The plant products will be popular with customers operating in oil and gas industry, downstream operations, nuclear power plants operators; the products will be high-demand for thermal protection of pipelines and processing equipment and catch the interest of power engineers.
Even now, large-scale oil and gas producers, such as Gazprom, OJSC, NK Lukoil, NK Rosneft, ROSENERGOATOM, a leader of domestic nuclear power engineering, AK Transneft, OJSC, building sector establishments and enterprises show much interest in purchase of NEOPORM-based heat-insulating items.
According to independent analytic surveys, the minimum rate of demand in high-quality heat-insulation, made of cellular glass, is expected to be 2 000 000 3 000 000 m3 per annum. We have got a lot of work to take years ahead, the goal of which is to increase energy and heat efficiency of our national economy.
: 13.06.2014

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