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A foreign students delegation visits the plant

On the 26. of November the Company STES-Wladimir received a delegation of foreign students. The excursion was carried out in the framework of the project Vladimir region the territory of perspectives, organized by the VlGU and the Vladimir business-portal.

A foreign students delegation visits the plant
A VlGU student from Azerbaijan, thinking of his future business project, stated that the Company production (heat insulating foam glass) would be welcomed both in the northern and in the southern countries. Due to inner foam glass heat insulation of rooms favourable microclimate is created, independent of the outside temperature. The foreign VlGU students were gifted a foam glass specimen. Strength and unbelievable lightness of foam glass in comparison with its size - these properties of the Vladimir plant production made a huge impression on the foreign students.

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Students omment after the excursion:

As a rule many Mexicans would like to move to the USA; thinking of Russia they believe the country to stagnate in crisis after the perestroika. But when I came to Russia I realized that it is all different from what we supposed to see. Today I saw modern machinery and high tec equipment. It s obvious, Russia belongs to the modern world. Today I have seen automated technological processes at STES. That was great! I didnt expect such a thing! mechanical technology student of VlGU Teljes Bravo Ricardo (xico).

I liked the todays excursion very much. I have never been to a plant in China before, because the Chinese industrial plants are secret for the people. In the foam glass plant we saw a new and strong material. Now I have a wish I would like Russia and China cooperate and earn together humanitarian institute student of VlGU Li Vanmin (China).
: 01.12.2014

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