Heat insulating plates

Foam glass (cellular glass) – is a rigid heat insulating material with closed-cell structure produced of foamed glass.

Heat insulating plates are produced by machining the NEOPORM® foam glass slabs. 

The NEOPORM® foam glass plates are production, mounting and operation safe, they do not contain any ozone destruction substances,   they do not emit any harmful and stinking substances during operational period, they are not destructed by rodents or insects,   they do not present any growth media for microorganisms, they are stable to impacts of aggressive media.

Technical data of the NEOPORM® foam glass brands

Density brand D 130 D 150
Density, kg/m3 121-140 141-160
Compression strength, МPа, not less than 1,0 2,0
Heat conductivity at 25 ºС,W/(m·К) 0,048 0,052

Size standards* of the NEOPORM® foam glass plates

Pattern Length, mm Width, mm Thickness, mm Step, мм Limit deviation , mm
Пеностекло НЕОПОРМ® 600 450 From 40 to 85 5 ±2
From 90 to 160 10

* - As agreed with the customer, the plate size may be produced differing from the above mentioned.

The NEOPORM® foam glass plates are used for heat insulating of walls, roofs, floors, cellars of buildings and other structures of different assignment. Read more...

The NEOPORM® foam glass plates may also be used for heat insulating of pipelines, technological equipment and tanks of more than 5000 mm in diameter or those with plane surface. Read more...

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