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Participation in «Black Sea Oil & Gas Conferences»

The «STES-VLADIMIR» Company takes part in the 4th International Research-to-Practice Conference «Oil and gas gathering, processing and transportation. Designing, construction and operation» and delivers a report on the subject «NEOPORM® cellular glass is a new import-substituting material for thermal insulation of pipelines, equipment and reservoirs».

The conference will be hold from 23th to 28th March, 2015, in Sochi, within the framework of the «Black Sea Oil & Gas Conferences» project.

Main subjects of the conference:
-  designing of hydrocarbons gathering, processing and transportation facilities;
-  construction of field and main pipelines;
-  pipes, pipeline fittings and shut-off valves;
-  equipment of pump houses and compressed-air plants;
-  construction and operation of oil and gas storages, tank equipment;
-  state-of-the-industry technologies, materials and reagents within systems of hydrocarbons gathering, processing and transportation facilities;
-  maintenance and security of pipelines, assurance of industrial, environmental and fire safety;
-  service activities during construction and operation of hydrocarbons gathering, processing and transportation facilities.

Host of the conference: Research-and-production firm «Nitpo» Limited Liability Company.
Дата размещения: 20.03.2015

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